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Enhancing Revenue Streams for Hospitals and Health Systems of any size.


Hospital Consulting Services

Brownd Health Solutions - Hospital Consulting Services

Our sole focus is to assist you with the creation of ancillary revenue streams through creative planning and actions plan execution. 

Every community is unique and different.  In order to maximize your revenue potential, an assessment of your current market conditions and potential opportunities in the surrounding area may be helpful in determining the best course of action for your facility. 

Whether your facility is considering expansion or re-alignment of services, our experience and partner resources can help you achieve the desired outcome. 

We offer:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Assessment
  • Realignment of Services
  • Growth Corridor Expansion
  • Micro Hospital vs FSED
  • Laboratory Expansion, with Outreach program (Download our PDF to learn more)

Success in healthcare requires assessment, planning, resources and execution. This is what we do!

For more information on our Hospital Consulting Services, please Contact Us.